Kicks and Giggles

“A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.”

  • Happy First Day of April To You

    April 1, 2008

    You all know what that means… For those of you that missed out, I got some people all in a huff when I played boy-who-cried-“Hackers!”. (I think Anil’s post probably applies in this situation.) But I wish to argue that it was, rather, an exercise in the beauty and power of CSS. With a simple... Read More

  • The Boy & The Girl: The Abridged Edition

    November 29, 2007

    Speaking of birthdays… When Jessica and I got engaged, I wrote a rather lengthy, sentimental account of our story up to that point entitled The Boy & The Girl. Well, there’s nothing overly nostalgic about a 24th birthday or the two-year, five-month and three week anniversary of our wedding; so I decided to celebrate Jessica’s... Read More

  • Monday Morning Smile Fodder

    October 29, 2007

    My delicate little wife:

  • Flat Stanley’s Comeuppance

    October 19, 2007

    So I go out to the garage today only to find Flat Stanley had been playing around the riding mower again (despite my warnings to the contrary). I’m not quite sure how he managed to turn the tractor on, engage the mower and still fall underneath; but there he was, right where the mower spat... Read More

  • Life Is Funny, Ep. 1

    September 25, 2007

    Show me the man that says life is boring, and I’ll throw him in a vat of sugar-free pudding with Bill Cosby. How many silly, ridiculous things happen in life that get overlooked? Well, by golly, I’m going to write some of them down, so when I’m old, crochety, and can’t find my teeth, my... Read More

  • My Simpsons Avatar

    July 3, 2007

    This is way too much fun to pass up.

  • Horton Hears a Hoobastank

    June 14, 2007

    File this in the “wish-I’d-thought-of-this” category. Coudal Partners came up with a great game. Mash up band names in with classic books. The results are hilarious. Some of my faves: Motley Crüsoe; Nickolas Nickelback; Green Day and Ham; The Faerie Queensryche; Rabbit, Run D-M-C; Chicken Soup for the Soul Asylum; Little Richard III; Megadeth of... Read More

  • How To Lose An Entire Afternoon

    April 4, 2007

    Play 830 NES games in your browser. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • A Check List For Design Geeks

    February 6, 2007

    Alright, so I may be the only one laughing here, but I’m telling you, 90% of these are true. Just ask my wife when I go off on some diatribe about font selection at the mall… (Got this from, I added #19) 1. You giggle whenever you use the colors F0CCED, EFF0FF and 44DDDD... Read More

  • Happy Winter Solstice Holiday

    December 19, 2006

    “Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others,... Read More

  • My Power: Klutziness

    December 5, 2006

    All this Heroes excitement (how about last night’s episode, whew!) had me jonesing to discover my hidden powers. This morning, it was all revealed to me in a supernatural event. I’d just finished a bowl of Peanut Butter Chocolate Cap’n Crunch when the phone rang. I set my bowl down on the floor and swung... Read More

  • A Terrible Baptist

    October 31, 2006

    I just performed my first two baptisms these past two weekends in church, but I must not be cut out for it. The first baptism, I forgot to wear short sleeves so my dress shirt got drenched. Fortunately, I wave my arm alot when I lead singing. I was also advised afterwards that pinching someones... Read More

  • Have We Got a (Slide)Show for You…

    October 16, 2006

    The cool temperatures got us itching to hack up a pumpkin, so on the way home from work today Jess picked out the sorry squash. She did the dirty work (gutting) and I did the fun stuff (face design). Don’t laugh. I’m a designer. I always draft before starting. Then comes the sketch. Our happy... Read More

  • Space Shuttle Mystery Vapor

    September 18, 2006

    Astronauts aboard the international space station sounded the alarm when they noticed a foul odor in the station. Those dehydrated baked bean packets are killer.

  • The Hulk’s Diary

    September 11, 2006

    Yep, you read that one right. Seems like like there’s alot more to Bruce Banner than even Ang Lee could have dreamed up. Go ahead and check out his diary.