My Power: Klutziness

All this Heroes excitement (how about last night’s episode, whew!) had me jonesing to discover my hidden powers. This morning, it was all revealed to me in a supernatural event.

I’d just finished a bowl of Peanut Butter Chocolate Cap’n Crunch when the phone rang. I set my bowl down on the floor and swung my leg off the couch as a stood up. When I did this, my sock got caught by a knob on the living room table and I lost my balance and started to fall. I yanked my leg down to catch myself, flipping over the table in the process.

My foot came free with the force of a soccer player trying to score, only I didn’t connect with a ball, I kicked my empty ceramic cereal bowl across the living room and into my wife’s enormous glass vase full of glass Christmas ornaments. The vase shattered and the remaining ornaments that weren’t broken spilled out off the window ledge and crashed on the floor into tiny shards. The spoon took a different route and ricocheted off a snowman statue, taking a chip off it’s base.

I watched all of this from the floor, stupefied. (And sort of disappointed that I didn’t get it all on tape.)

Just don’t tell Sylar. I don’t want him eating my brains.