Your Box Lunch Is Ready


Ding, ding.

After some discussion, it became evident that my forums were dead and that the best choice was to move the venue for conversation elsewhere. So Cardboard White, which has been a “central location” for lots of great writing, is now becoming forums. Don’t worry, the smooth listing of recent entries will still appear on the front page, down at the bottom (ironing out a wrinkle that’s not letting this happen just yet); because this isn’t meant to replace everyone’s blog. But hopefully it’s going to make online conversations far easier. In other words, I’m hoping that we’ll being see far less of “RYC”…

Go ahead, stop on by, check it out and if you like, register. Wondering why forums are better suited for some of our online discussions? I’ve talk a little about that in this thread.

Most importantly, though, is that I’m really looking for feedback here (no, this is not part of the Doug v. Michael comment mojo contest). If there’s something missing on the site or something that you really like, I’d love to hear about it. I’ve already added a section (health and wellness) at Dawn’s behest for the new moms.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!