The Boy & The Girl: The Abridged Edition

Speaking of birthdays…

When Jessica and I got engaged, I wrote a rather lengthy, sentimental account of our story up to that point entitled The Boy & The Girl. Well, there’s nothing overly nostalgic about a 24th birthday or the two-year, five-month and three week anniversary of our wedding; so I decided to celebrate Jessica’s birthday by creating an abridged version. (Besides, I’m not sure I fully grasped frame 4 before we were married.)

1. Jessica was lonely and sad.
2. Jessica met Jesse.
3. They became homies/married.
4. Jessica realized she was way cooler than Jesse, so she pushed him off a cliff.

The End.

P.S. Not quite the end. A favor? Since today is her birthday, maybe you all could drop in on her recipe site, Delicious Bits, and wish her a happy 24th birthday?