Plasticmind, Haas Edition


Thank you all for patience, and welcome to the new Plasticmind Journal. Now, for those of you long time readers of my “blog”, let me clarify what just happened here. Plasticmind: Food for Thought just became And the thing that lives over at is now my tech blog.

See, I did this because I realize some of you enjoy dialogging about faith, politics and whatever else oozes forth from the dark corners of my mind. But lately, much of the stuff oozing from my brain has been related to technology and design; some of you are just cringing at the thought. Hence, the separation. If you’re looking for tips and tricks about Photoshop or you’re interested in me making a case for <strong> vs. <b>, the blog might be for you. However, if you want to read about my good days, my bad days and stuff that’s just plain hilarious, you’re already there (here).

One more disclaimer, then I’m done. Since I’m still in the middle of transitioning from my old site to this one, don’t be surprised if things break. Do me a favor, though. If things do break, could you spare a minute and let me know in an email to [email protected]? Much appreciated.

A brief note to those of you who subscribe by email. I’m switching from FeedBlitz to FeedBurner (more options) for my email notifications. FeedBurner does not currently have a bulk upload tool for switching subscription services (understandably), so if you somehow stop getting email updates, you can sign up again with the form on the side. Sorry for the hassle.