First and Foremost

Every great book has some profound beginning. Though nothing close to profound, here’s mine:

Design lives all around us and impacts in ways that are sometimes unnoticeable while at other times impossible to miss. People pay me to catch the subtleties and make them work in ways that are impossible to miss. I love that.

And that’s why I’m writing. I am an advocate of design that respects how human beings function. I’ll be sure to include lots of tips and tricks here, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of rants about web design, technology and the general state of the internet. But the overarching principle that drives my design is simplicity, clarity and, above all, common sense.

More to come when the full reboot is complete. Pardon the mess while I’m building this out. Consider this whole thing beta. No, not Movable Type 4.0b1 beta. More like Gmail beta. You know, the kind of beta where if something goes wrong and my website devours your soul, I can remind your remaining family that you were warned.

My personal journal has not gone away. You can still find it at “”: where it too -will be getting- has gotten a long overdue makeover. Do me favor? If you see something that’s not -write- right, let me know about it with an email to “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]? Danke.