31 Days of Making, Day 12: Piano Improv

Extemporaneous piano… the kind of music that soothes my soul.

When I was a child, my father sat down at the piano and told to play what I felt. If I played a wrong note, he’d say, “There are no mistakes. Work it into the song.” I’d pour my heart out to the keys there in the darkness… truly, no one knows me like the piano. I’ve never been a great technical pianist, but there’s nothing more captivating or cathartic than sitting down at the keys and wandering a bit.

This is a new song I recorded tonight. I recorded the piano in one take on my Casio Privia PX-870 using the Steinway patch in Logic Pro. After recording the piano, I laid the cello over it and only made slight adjustments to the cello track.

This is day 12 of my 31 days of making.