December Challenge: Make Something Every Day

I’m back on Facebook after being off for more than a month. I learned quite a bit from the experience.

It was difficult the first few weeks. It may sound absurd, but I would randomly type the Facebook url in my browser without even thinking about it. I also found myself taking fewer pictures since I didn’t really have any place to share them.

Eventually, I came to miss it less and less and began to search for meaningful interactions elsewhere — online (Twitter and Slack) and offline (inviting friends/family over). It was great to be free of the compulsion to check Facebook throughout the day, though I’ll admit there was an odd sense of loneliness I couldn’t shake at first. It felt like I’d suddenly lost a big group of friends.

But life goes on, and I had the (rather healthy) reminder that this “big group of friends” isn’t exactly the same as my IRL friends/family. This realization helped ground me a bit and move me away from the fragmented creation that social media tends to facilitate and instead focus on some larger, more cohesive projects like launching Three Time Zones or working on new products for The Thoughtful Gardner.

Anyhow, I’m back. 👋🏻

I’m planning to try to check only once or twice a day and use Facebook only to share things that I’ve missed sharing: photos, major milestones, personal projects.

I also got inspired by Brad Frost’s decision to “make something every day in December.”

So inspired, in fact, that I decided to join in on the fun. I’m planning to make something — music, art, house projects — every day in December and share it on my site.

What I’ve Made So Far…