Plasticmind Logo on a Dark Backdrop

31 Days of Making, Day 8: Created a New Logo Treatment

This is day 8 of my 31 days of making.

One of the mental barriers that has prevented me from being as prolific in my writing is a strange paralysis I get from feeling like my site is ugly and outdated. I’d love to create a new design, migrate to a new CMS, build out a better set of features and functionality, and I’ve got a lot of ideas I’d like to build out. I just haven’t been able to prioritize those things with a lot of client work on deck.

To remedy that, I’ve decided to slowly work toward updating my website by tackling different parts of it throughout the month. This “making” series has been baby steps in that direction — an exercise in flexing my atrophied writing muscles. I’ve also been beefing up other parts of the site, like connecting a newsletter, etc.

To that end, I created this logo refresh that I quite like. I envision creating a transparent version than I can drop against pretty much any background and have it pop. This would be especially helpful since I feature a lot of photography on the site.

I’ll also need to create an SVG of this so I can use it for print. Trying to figure out how to best handle the gradients and opacity in a vector format should be an interesting challenge!