31 Days of Making, Day 9: A Plan to Redesign Plasticmind.com

This is day 9 of my 31 days of making.

I’ve always struggled designing my own site, so I decided to treat myself like a client and walk through the full site redesign process… on camera.

In this first video, I work through the goals of my site, review what’s working and what’s not on the existing site, and put together a rough project plan by breaking up the projected effort into logical chunks.

Video topics:

  • Should I position myself as a generalist or a specialist? (on this site, probably generalist)
  • Should I use this site as a reflection of my personal brand and let another site speak more specifically to the nature of my design/development work? (currently, yes)
  • What are some external goals driving this redesign? (more emphasis on photography, eliminate bugs, feel more intentional and polished)
  • What are some internal goals driving this redesign? (faster/simpler content creation workflow, better build process, more useful/intelligent post types)
  • Do I have a wishlist of features or functionality (post types, editorial workflow, development workflow) for the site redesign?
  • What are the specific things I’ll need to do or build to accomplish the stated goals?
  • How do I break up the project effort into logical chunks?

Video Timestamps:

  • 02:45 — Brief overview of the current site and some thinking behind the existing design
  • 05:35 — Should I position myself as a generalist or a specialist?
  • 07:15 — What are the goals of the site?
  • 09:30 — More discussion of generalist vs. specialist.
  • 13:45 — Should this site to be a driver for my web consulting business or rather an expression of my broader personal brand?
  • 18:15 — How does the answer to that question fit with my stated goals? Reprioritize?
  • 21:25 — What works on the site? What doesn’t work?
  • 28:00 — Are there any invisible (or internal facing) goals for the project?
  • 32:45 — What are the tactics (to do list items) needed to accomplish those goals?
  • 34:00 — I give myself permission to be experimental with the site.
  • 35:05 — Next steps