(Alright, I’m actually able to post some of the backlogged journal entries from our trip. There will be quite a few in a row.)

Am I different? Not really. Well, sort of.

There is an amazing new sense of freedom, a sense of belonging and the necessary human experience of being appreciated by someone. I used to think looking for this appreciationg was dangerous, but i’m convinced now that as long as it’s the pleasing of another that is the goal and not self-promotion, i’m ok. Longing to be adored by my wife is not sin; desiring to push myself above the crowd is.

I’ll take a break from the psychoanalysis for a moment to chronicle the first full day of our honeymoon cruise to Bermuda. The food here has been outstanding. Dining is on our schedule, so we caught a small brunch of omlette and raspberry yogurt. Hunger struck again during our rummy tournament, so we called room service and enjoyed a pizza, salad and a chocolate mousse that must have been scooped from some ethereal chocolate cloud.

After spending a better part of the day with Lori Wick and C.S. Lewis, we headed to Le Bistro for glazed asparagus, escargot in a garlic butter sauce, spinach leaves with pine nuts and goat cheese, a $23 bottle of virgin wine and the most tender, hollandaise-smothered filet mignon this side of the Prime Meridian. And I thought last night’s tiramisu was good!

Tomorrow we get up early to meet Bermuda head on!