St. George, Bermuda


I think all the stress, running around and lack of sleep in the weeks before the wedding are finally catching up with me. I slept almost nine hours last night with two forty-five minute naps in the afternoon and I still feel drained.

The few conscious hours have been amazing though. We docked in Hamilton today and took a boat out to the North Reef for a bit of show and tell, the tell being now. And what a show! After donning fins (that blistered our toes) and goggles (mine leaked), we were Lewis and Clark of the Atlantic, just off the coast of Bermuda. Clark got a bit “concerned” about the gigantic jellyfish (the larget about the size of a cherry tomato) and steered clear of any close encounters. I, on the other hand, moved in for some closer looks.

The Admiral, a small tiger-striped fish floated lazily around the purple fan coral while small translucent fish the size of guppies darted around us in massive schools. As the sun broke the clouds, it filled the reef with strobes of light and color, though not as vivid as I had imagined. The yellow brain coral blazed and flashed against the foot-long rainbow parrotfish that moved slowly in and out of the reef’s cover. I got almost as many beautiful underwater photos as mouthfuls of saltwater.

I’ll post the photos soon; I’ll spare you the saltwater.