Donning My Birthday Suit

Well, tomorrow is my birthday, so there are quite a few very special things happening:

If you stay up late/early, be sure to dance a jig just after one a.m., when it hits 1:02:03 04-05-06. That should be pretty cool. (Thanks Joy)

I celebrate my 29th birthday tomorrow. (Please send your love in Guitar Center gift certificates only.)

My mother celebrates her *blurred out numbers* birthday tomorrow. Who could ask for a better gift than 8 hours of labor!

And finally, in honor of birthdays, I’m going naked tomorrow. That’s right, I’m taking it all off. It just so happens that tomorrow is the First Annual Naked Day when everyone sheds their stylesheets and the world gets to see pure, unstyled site content. A birthday suit day on my birthday… how appropriate!

So I pulled down the time-worn Mario theme to see the damage. Sadly, my code was written long before I knew what I was doing, so there is much work to be done to clean it up. It’s not easy “baring all”. So in light of a tired style and ugly code, I am making a vow. I hereby vow to keep my site naked until I have the new and improved PlasticMind Blog up and running. (Hint, it involves trashing my photoblog) Good incentive for a web designer. Look for it soon…