Less Of A Pop, More Of A Thud

Can’t tell if it’s the sound of my new blog design making a dull thud with my readers or my fatigue-drenched body hitting the floor. It’s after 3am and I’m still working on little things, like fleshing out the individual pages as well as my profile page and my “elsewhere” page.

But I digress.

In fact, I need to apologize. The tagline for PlasticMind has always been food for thought, but lately it’s really just been eyecandy. I suppose it’s the nature of my work. What’s really kept me from in depth blogging is that I’ve been going back and forth about how best to present my content. Should I seperate my content into different blogs, e.g. a design blog, a philosophy blog and a this-is-what-I-had-for-breakfast blog? Or should I keep everything central here at plasticmind.com? No easy answers, but one thing is for sure… unless things slow down a bit, I’m sure this one will be around for quite a while.

But where do I get my content? Maybe I’ll run away to Europe with my wife so I can get into some crazy tangles that would make great blog-fodder. Maybe I’ll meet someone famous and have all the dirt to dish on them. Maybe I’ll say the word ‘bomb’ and ‘Iraq’ in the same sentence so my website gets tapped. Who knows? The long and short of this sentimental post is, in the immortal words of Bartle’s and James, “Thanks for your support.”