A Farewell Letter

Dear New York,

It’s always hard to say goodbye.

We spent alot of time together in younger days, and I know there were a few years when I was off having fun without you. But these last few years have just been great together. I’ve enjoyed so much my early morning drives, watching the sun come up over the hills of the Hudson River Valley, and the journey home again with the tangerine sunlight spilling across the Catskills.

Catskill Sunset

I loved the little secret moments we had, little hidden spots that nobody but you and I knew about. I could spend hours, lost in your beauty, amazed at your complex symmetry and slender lines. Thank you especially for your barns… I think I’ll miss them the most.

The Famous Teal Barn

I’ll miss the craziness of your City. From Radio City Music Hall to Les Miserables to Joes Shanghai, the place is just rife with class and curiosity.

Lots of Good Memories

Some of my best memories are with you. Maybe I’ll come back, maybe I’ll stay away for the rest of my life. I guess time alone can tell. Just wanted to say thank you for making my stay a great one.