Losing A Fiancee

The day has finally arrived and I am counting hours instead of days or months or years. I’m tired and happy, sitting alone in bed for the last time as an unmarried man. Tomorrow at this time, my love and I will be together, this time with the same last name… I will have lost a fiancee, but gained a wife.

I experienced something rare and beautiful tonight–a great rehearsal! We kicked the evening off with my mom’s lemon chicken and the rest followed suit. Laughing, chatting, goofing off yet getting things done–certainly nothing like the nightmares I’ve been having about forgetting big things on this our biggest day. My father led the affair, with Jessica swathed in a crumpled sheet (makeshift train) holding a flower arrangement from the dinner table.

I am enjoying these days. No stress. No doubts. No fighting. Just the joy of friends and family and the excitement of a green future. Jumping from the stage, tango during the charge and a swoop-and-carry exit… nothing could be better! After most had gone, Jess and I spent some time in prayer, ever so thankful for this, a minor miracle.

The rain will fall tomorrow (90% chance) — but there will be sunshine inside, because I am pledging my life to the woman I love, and she in turn will do the same. Here I stand… I can do no other!

PS: For all of you who read my blog and can’t be here at the wedding, check back here after 3pm tomorrow. I’ll have a surprise for you on the site…