I just finished up my very first webdesign job under the business name PlasticMind Design.


Good looking but amazingly flexible, the site is powered by Movable Type, and every piece of text you see on the site is editable by the owner from any web browser anywhere.

The new site allows ADVMR to post new job positions as soon as they come in, and the website is immediately updated, everyone on the mailing list is notified, and they are assigned a category and filed in a searchable database. All this with a simple click of a button.

And the beautiful thing is, they can do all updates and changes themselves, with complete control over every part of the site. Imagine not having to send changes to a web designer who charges $40/hour to enter text. The end result is a website that is fresh. If it’s easy to update, it’s updated more often. And if it’s updated more often, it’s more valuable. And if it’s valuable, people come back.

Let me know if you’re interested in a site like this that can make your life easer.

*BTW: For those wondering why the name is so strange… we haven’t got the name servers pointing to the right place yet, so this is just a temporary domian name. When it’s changed over, the name will be