Java Nuggets

Found these interesting Java applets while scouring the web. Lot’s of interesting mind-bending stuff here. Definitely try out the Life vs. Life game. It allows you to create a matrix of cells and then allow them to reproduce and fight another cell matrix based on set rules. The player with the most cells remaining after all the cells have evolved is the winner.

Haohao by Ichitaro Masuda: Drawing elements with behaviors generate active images.

Ortho-type by Enrico Bravi, Mikkel Crone Koser & Paolo Palma: An experiment in dimensional typography.

Chronodraw by Andreas Gysin: Draw on multiple frames in time. One of the most original/unusual concepts I’ve seen in a while.

Life vs. Life by Justin Bakse & Eric Williams: A two player adaptation of by John Conway’s mathematical game of Life.