Jonesin’ It

So my friend Drew called me up a month or so ago and asked me for some help. One of the teens in his youth group had submitted a photo to be on the cover of Jones Soda and he wanted me to vote for it. So I did. And while I was there, I posted a few of my own photos. There were over 200,000 entries, so I didn’t think much of it. Today I recieved a letter in the mail from Jones Soda congratulating me because they chose on of my photos to be on the cover of their Strawberry Lime Soda!




I took the picture last summer and it’s a barn in Redhook, NY. You can find the full color picture (along with some other barns from the area) here.

So next time you’re in Panera Bread or any other store that sells Jones Soda, pick up a Strawberry Lime and think of me.