Piano Improv Archives

No doubt these are familiar, but I’ve moved my piano improv’s off my main page and wanted to keep an archive for searching’s sake. They are extremely rough in places, but keep in mind these are straight from brain to ivory, no retakes. Hopefully some of you enjoy them enough to be worthwhile:

Wedding Recessional – (1.86Mb, 2:02) – Enter the bride… I put this piece together for Nancy and Justin Guay’s wedding. It’s a fairly simple piece, but it depends greatly on the resonance of the piano which, sadly doesn’t exist with a Clavinova. (No offense)

Untitled Improv #1 – (5.1Mb, 5:34) – The taste of a summer day with a head full of thoughts… the stream caressing the hand with your eyes turned upwards… This begins slow and thoughtful, blossoming toward the end into a heartfelt and striking love piece.

Untitled Improv #2 – (4.1Mb, 4:26) – Tears fall from a worn dock into a copper lake… thoughts of yesteryear and the pain of losing love… This piece is a complex blend of bitter and wistful, a sombre contemplation that begins as powerfully as it ends.