My Tribute

Strewn across the vast expanse of data and virtual worlds comprising the Internet are the ideas, philosophies and collective knowledge that represent mankind as a whole. Science has never ceased to amaze us with its mysteries unveiled and its questions explained; yet we have almost progressed to a point of second-guessing ourselves.

We predict tomorrows temperature, the gender of an unborn child, the course of a nation and then, all at once we stand high and thrust a prideful glance upward with our false sense of godlike accomplishment. Then, just as easily, we find ourselves shattered by an earthquake or the loss of a loved one or a war which leaves us sobered by the realization of just how small we are.

So as religious leaders argue, politicians debate, protestors march, abortionists kill babies, fanatics kill abortionists, bad people walk and good people die, there is Someone higher who is reaching down with hands of love willing to do anything–even sacrafice His only Son–to set us free from our own sinful selves. And yet so many turn away with a laugh because all they know is the here and now which is so infested with imperfections; they are afraid to accept something different regardless of whether or not its better.

Rene Descartes gave us the adage, “I think, therefore I am” and limited reality by making true only those things that can be comprehended by man. But the question then must be posed: “If men vary in their comprehension of reality, which man determines the correct ‘comprehension’ of the physical world?” It turns into a endless cycle of unanswered questions that we use to confuse ourselves into believing anything and therefore nothing.

So I present to you God Almighty. He created you and me and the world in which we live and sought fellowship with His creation. He gave the first man, Adam, the choice of obedience or disobedience and Adam chose to disobey, plaguing our race with sin. So we sit in this world and wonder why God is not in control. Why do children get beaten by their parents? Why do school kids shoot their teachers? Why does it seem like bad people prosper and good people suffer?

Sin–disobedience to God–has brought this upon us, and yet we blame Him for our woes when He is the one reaching down to us with a divine, incomprehensable love that goes beyond human understanding. Though we scorn Him and blame Him, He loves us and offers us this gift of eternal life with Him–a blissful relationship of love and perfection.

The offer itself is not enough, because He is SO loving that He will not force His love upon any man. So the decision lies with you, my friend. If you are condemned, it will not be because God is cruel. Rejection or acceptance by faith? What will you do with God?