Cat of Election Revolves Pure Darkness

Well, they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But I’m not flattered. I’m falling off my chair laughing.

Ok, first, visit Go ahead I’ll wait.

Now, check out

It’s one thing when someone steals your design and makes subtle changes–that’s annoying. It’s another thing when someone steals your design and claims it as their own–that’s wrong. But when someone rips your design, impliments it like a third arm and says “Thanks from Plasticmind” at the bottom. I laughed my head off.

Then I picked my head back up and proceeded to search for an Arabic-to-English translaton tool. Wouldn’t really want to be getting thanked by a member of Hamas. Probably would turn away some Jewish clients. And this is what I came up with:

“Different number forearm. In him her time her revolves and otherwise election become worm-infested him tightening, cat buzzed her. Cat of election revolves pure darkness and time election buzzed meeting and buzzed feeling and in him time in him.”

Deep stuff, man.

Maybe this guy is an Arabic hippie, experimenting with stream of consciousness blogging (I hear that’s fun). Maybe it’s some anagram in the spirit of Dan Brown related to Iran’s recent missle launch. Or maybe it’s just a very unoriginal, very courteous blogger.

Either way I hope he gets that worm-infested cat taken care of. They can be pure darkness, especially during elections.