Eternal Sunrise

A very dear friend of mine passed away today quite unexpectedly. About an hour after I heard the news, the sun was blood red in the sky and it balanced on the horizon. A soul not long ago burned brightly in my sky, but his sunset came and now he is gone. He was a great man who always looked to God for his strength, and always showed others what a joyous Christian was. Gene Krott, I miss you dearly, and I cannot wait to see you in heaven. This poem is for you.

The final warming rays of sunset whispered, waning,
Pouring out his last sweet song-
A feircesome, gentle stroke of beauty, sweetly paining,
Though each shadow growing long
Told us of his soon departure. Always gleaming,
Always sure to luminesce,
Yet now his Maker bids him onward, moonlight streaming,
Leaving us to midnight guess.
We shed our tears in desperation, craving daylight,
Staring at a blackened sky,
And question every summer’s midday. Always finite,
Darkness fills the earthen eye,
But hope lies not in mortal measure. Unseen, moving,
Warming shores of distant lands,
The hand of God protects our sunlight, one day we will
See the sunrise without end.