Renewing Wonder

To truly be amazed by nature, we must we willing to be both sensitive and curious. We must also become truly honest and admit that we have become unaware of the commonplace. It takes getting to the place where you can pull a leaf apart, piece by piece and revel in it; where you can lay on your belly in knee-high grass and explore the hidden ground beneath; where you can watch each cloud as though it was the first breath of life exhaled by the nostrils of God. Man has become amazed at himself – his glimmering car, his rich new clothes, his elaborate new house. All of these take lifetimes for most to obtain, and yet a far greater treasure lies easily within our grasp and most simply mow it down or plow it up. Tear away the beautiful to create our own beauty. Break apart the Grecian urn to make room for the half-baked clay jar. It is truly sad.

Sad, not simply because some have fallen prey to ignorance, but because those that have tear others down with them, and worse yet, create a new standard of beauty. To stand amazed beneath the stars is passe. To marvel at a snowflake is frivolous. This is what the blind ones tell us, and those with clouded eyes believe it. They sink their teeth deep into the fruit because they want to surpass Divinity, but reality laughs at them and they are like small children flaunting their muddy masterpieces.