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Twitster is an installable, open source PHP application that can help you create a Twitter-based community for your web site in just a couple of minutes.

The Cogs

Jesse Gardner, Grand Poobah, Plasticmind

Jesse, a stimulus package unto himself, heads up Plasticmind Design where he helps people do great things with technology. He’s an advocate of clean, standards-based web design and has a severe case of ADHD (which incidentally helps him multitask). You can try to keep up: @plasticmind.

Byrne Reese, Overlord, Majordojo

Byrne, highly sought after by the Pakleds, makes things go. He is a hacker and social media consultant living and working in Oakland, California. He blogs at majordojo and tweets under the oh-so-original-name @byrnereese.