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  • The Psychological Implications of Social Networking

    February 24, 2009

    The Daily Mail just ran a thought-provoking article about the effect that social websites have on childhood development. In short, eminent neuroscientist Susan Greenfield claims that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter shorten attention spans and contribute to an instant gratification, self-centered mindset. From the article: We know how small babies need constant reassurance... Read More

  • On Becoming A Father

    February 18, 2009

    I’m going to beg your indulgence for just a moment while I talk about my son. I’ve been meaning to write this since he was born; but as every parent alive can tell you, days turn to months and months turn to years. So while I have this quiet moment sitting beside Ethan in a... Read More

  • Creative Ways To Use Subcategories

    September 9, 2007

    Create a “Breadcrumb” Trail In Movable Type Using Subcategories Quandary: Someone clicks on a subcategory archive, but it looks just like every other category page. How can we give the user a better sense of context for the subcategory pages? Solution: Breadcrumbs! You know, they look like: Category ยป Subcategory , with links that let... Read More