Tag: 30 day challenge

  • 30 Days Without Caffeine: What I Learned

    July 1, 2011

    When I started this month, I knew this challenge was going to be a difficult one. I'm not a rabid coffee drinker, but I do partake of it daily with a steady flow of soda throughout the day. Let's just say it's enough caffeine that I notice when it's gone.

  • New Things and Blessings

    April 8, 2011

    This month’s challenge to do something new every day has been difficult given my busy yet monotonous routine, but I’ve already found it to be profoundly rewarding.

  • New Things Every Day

    April 4, 2011

    My April 30-day challenge is to do something new every day and I figured it would be a good idea to capture them all in one place. Here’s my list so far: Made eclairs from scratch. Learned to make music with a loop box. Learned how to treat wood with boiled linseed oil. Got on... Read More

  • April: Do Something New Every Day

    April 3, 2011

    Since this is my birthday month, I decided to pick a fun challenge: do something new every day for 30 days. Turns out it’s actually harder than you might think to come up with something new every day. I’m only two days in and coming up dry for ideas. On Friday, I baked some amazing... Read More