Peace Through Obedience

I’m convinced that the reason there are so few good movies out today is because good is simple. If you want to make something difficult or complex, unrighteousness will work in a pinch. Adam and Eve in the Garden – a simple and beautiful scene; but as soon as they sin, murder, jealousy and spite take hold of the heart of man and things get complicated.

When I watch a movie that sets itself against the principles of God’s Word, I might be able to discern what’s right and what’s wrong, but I’ve found myself believing that to be the norm. People today begin to believe if not that sodomy is wrong, at least that it is common and somehow less wrong than we used to think. We laugh at it on television, shifting it (in our minds) from abomination to abnormal. Of course, this presents problems when the time comes to take a stand, and the last thing going through our mind is peace.

Take another relevent issue – divorce. Throughout the Bible, God’s displeasure of divorce is made evident. But we live in a time where most consider the best answer to marital struggles running away. And those who DO stay together are struggling because of selfishness. All of these problems can be solved by following the principles taught in God’s Word. Being who God wants us to be is profitable for us… if you don’t believe me, read Isaiah 48:16-22.

So we continue to chase after the world in a affair of spiritual measure, all the while trying to keep a smile on God’s face. We give the world fifty percent and God fifty percent, and expect one hundred percent blessing. What fools we are! Ask any man who has had an affair. You’ve made a vow to love and cherish, but you’re exchanging that for fleeting pleasure. And to add to the storm, you’ve got to become the actor, the facade, the liar in order to live. So there, on your deathbed, you have nothing to hold on to but a handful of lies. The body in the coffin is a stranger to a group of tearless mourners.

All this because you did not obey.