Hudson Valley Barns

I have officially become a barn lover. I cannot drive by one without scrambling around the car for my camera. Its a curse I admit it. But I found these two beauties on the back roads of Red Hook, NY. Not 200 feet from the teal barn is another dilapidated barn the color of espresso beans. I talked a friend of the owner and they said the owners were just waiting for it to collapse to collect insurance. Hopefully I can get over there before winter… although it might be a great contrast, the warm, rich brown against white.

Back to the subject at hand. Believe it or not, these barns really are this color. The first one is a cornflower blue that’s been scraped away (as though waiting for a new coat of something else). The second barn is the most amazing shade of teal I’ve ever seen on a barn. It puts most toothpastes to shame. But boy it sure made for a great shot: