If you’ve read my blog over the last few months, you know I’m a Heroes junkie. And if you’re a fellow Heroes junkie, you’re jonesing tonight just like I am. We have to wait until April 23rd for the next episode to find out who wins, Peter or Sylar. (Of course we already know the answer, but we’ve got to see it.) So I’ve got a fix for you that will help hold you over until next episode.

Warning: MAJOR spoilers inside.

So, the Museum of Television & Radio’s Paley Festival held a special Heroes screening last night, and the audience got a glimpse of what’s to come for the show. While Jack Bauer’s out trying to stop a nuclear attack on the United States, Linderman explains to Nathan that a nuclear explosion in New York City is the necessary catalyst for change in the world and that he (Nathan) will be the strong leader for that new world. This, of course, would require Peter’s death; and Nathan is awfully pragmatic. Would he be willing to sacrafice his brother for what may ultimately be the good of the world?

What about all the lives lost? There are six billion people in the world. All the people in New York City would only be .07%. Linderman explains that this is acceptable colateral damage to bring about change. So Linderman turns out to be the bad guy who thinks he’s doing good; those are the best kind of characters anyway, complex, thought provoking and relatable.

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