Zen Desktop?

All this talk of creating a minimalist workspace has me thinking. Is it really possible?

Here’s a list of things currently on my desk. Help me decide which things to toss/relocate:

  1. An empty orange juice glass
  2. Several new Plasticmind Design business cards
  3. Several old Plasticmind Design business cards
  4. Greg Hoy’s business card
  5. A jar of Vicks
  6. A broken Xacto knife
  7. Several pens
  8. A Green and Black’s currant and hazelnut dark chocolate bar
  9. Nail clippers
  10. An unused Jawbone bluetooth headset
  11. An empty heart shaped picture frame
  12. Several pads of sticky notes
  13. Tax stuff (shudder)
  14. A Leatherman
  15. A capo
  16. An iPod
  17. An external hard drive
  18. A drawing tablet with respective pen and mouse
  19. American Sign Language: The Easy Way
  20. A spindle of blank cds
  21. A list of email addresses from everyone in our YAM group
  22. A flash drive that doesn’t work
  23. SXSW badges
  24. An empty Leopard case
  25. A book of sheet music by Avalon
  26. A typewritten story about two kittens I wrote when I was thirteen

This is a clutterbug’s desperate cry for help. Thoughts?