Bye-bye Inkblot. Hello Baby.*

Rorschach no more, we’ve got ourselves a real, live baby! The first ultrasound didn’t really affect me that much (Oh, that blob is mine? Neat-o.), but this one just about floored me (Its moving!!!). Our baby kept trying to put its fingers in its mouth and finally got hold of the thumb. I just love that picture up top. It’s almost like: “Hi dad!” I’ve also posted the obligatory thumb-sucking picture. The little devil wouldn’t cooperate and uncross its legs, so we’re only at the “best guess” stage with the sex (i.e. don’t buy the paint) based on a few pixels. However, until our next ultrasound in two weeks when we find out for sure, mum’s the word. And, no, I didn’t Photoshop the genitals out. *Gender pending further review.