This Is All About Me

Have you noticed that most of my posts lately have either been about great big issues or odds-and-ends from around the internet?

I’m going to change things up today and do something novel: write a post about me. It’s been a while, so forgive the rust. Here goes:

Busy, busy, busy. But then, I think busy is just a state of mind, really. Every time I say it, it means less and less. Pretty soon I’ll be the hard shell of a workaholic and no one will recognize me. Oh well, here’s to staying childlike!

March is going to be bus… ahem. March is action packed! (Tough habit to break.) Jessica and I are going out to Arizona next week for Rahul’s wedding, and while we’re there we’re going to see the Grand Canyon for the first time. (Note to self: buy second battery for camera.)

The day after we get back into town, I’m off to New York City for Six Apart’s Hack-a-thon and Business Blogging Seminar. It looks to be a great time, especially since a core group of community members will be getting together for a dinner on Tuesday night. (Note to self: organize community dinner.)

Two days after that, my wife and I are moving into the church parsonage! No more trudging up three flights to our tiny apartment that looks out over I-95. Now we’ll be living large in a 3 bedroom house right across from the church! And there are twelve trees on the parsonage! Perfect trees for climbing! Trees that kids can climb! (Note to self: quit while you’re ahead.) Oh, and if any of you are in the Philadelphia area and need a place to stay and a warm meal, stop on by.

BUT, before all that happens, I’ve got some important things to finish. I’m redesigning Learning Movable Type before the winners of the 2006 Bloggies are announced at SXSW this coming Monday. I’ve also got three fairly large sites in the kitchen right now, and one I just launched this past Friday. I’m also really excited about a new look for… I went through seven completely different revisions before finally settling on this design. That needs to be up by the end of the week, which means that this blog is going to probably have to relocate. More to come soon on that…

On the OVC front, last month my position as a associate pastor got confirmed as a permanent position, and our YAM group is growing by leaps and bounds. This past Sunday, our group took over the Sunday morning service, with Yammers doing everything from the music to the Powerpoint to the drama. The best part of the day was when Tara gave her testimony and people practically gave her a standing ovation.

There are several other things going on that I don’t have time to elaborate on right now, so I’ll just finish with a list: Heroes, Yamaha M06, an IRS claim that I owe $31,000 in upaid taxes, packing, kitty surgery, OVC Coffeehouse, MT-Commerce plugin, default MT templates, Cocoa Puffs, housing allowances, nasty spiders and missions conferences.

Did I miss anything?