Story Time: An Encounter with a Skunk

Life on a hobby farm can get weird.

My chickens were being especially noisy this rainy morning as I tried to work, so I traipsed down to their coop in my dress clothes and slippery-soled shoes to give them what for. They were cackling up a storm in their pen, so I casually opened their nest box…

There, to my surprise, was a SKUNK BUTT pointed directly at my face. A big, white, fluffy skunk butt with a bright pink star in the middle.

In a blur and faster than humanly possible, I wheeled around and began sprinting away from the coop like someone tossed a live grenade. Physics kicked in, though, and my slippery-soled shoes lost traction. I fell flat into the mud and my glasses went f-l-y-i-n-g.

But all I could think about that was that skunk dive bombing me from the open nest box behind/above me, so I kept scrambling and ran for another 50 feet or so.

When I was far enough to clear the stink zone, I turned back. The trespasser jumped out, gave me a surly look, and waddled off into the woods. After the coast was clear and I caught my breath, I went back to hunt for my glasses.

Thankfully, I didn’t get sprayed. It would have made my client onsite especially awkward tomorrow…

That’s it. That’s my skunk butt story. Thanks for reading.