Prayer Vigil for Jim Baldwin

Any of you who read my blog know that my heart has been heavy for Jim Baldwin. Jim has been diagnosed with several types of cancer that have spread quite rapidly through his body. His wife Bonnie and his son Andy have been struggling without Jim around. Instead of asking “why God?”, we’ve decided to spend 24 solid hours asking God to heal Jim. It may not be what He has in mind, but we’ve been told to bring our requests. We’ll keep asking until He tells otherwise.

Our church will be holding a prayer vigil for Jim Baldwin from noon on Friday, October 20th until noon on Saturday, October 21st. You can be in your bedroom, your car, your closet, it doesn’t matter; I only ask that if you vow to pray during that time, that you actually do it.

We’ve divided the 24 hours up into 15 minute segments, and so far we’ve gotten great support, though there are still about 6 3 hours left open.

Click here to see what times are still open. If you are able and interested in signing up for our prayer vigil, please email [email protected]. Thank you!