With A Little Help From My Friends

Yesterday, I asked a simple question on Facebook and Twitter:

“Recommend something to me. I don’t care what it is… just anything you love.”

The response was overwhelming. I got recommendations for everything from music to products, podcasts and places to visit, things I should experience and overall life advice. What was most fascinating to me was how much other people benefited from these recommendations. Most of the recommendations sparked little micro-conversations in the comments where people expressed agreement, discussed similar recommendations, or simply said thank you.

Isn’t it surprising what you can learn from your friends?

In that spirit, I decided to collect all of those fascinating recommendations here so that other people can benefit from them. Please feel free to share anything you’d like to recommend in the comments.







Food / Drink

Products / Services



  • Fire breathing – Jared Young
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Mike Rentas
  • Oil painting – Dave Therio
  • Crocheting – Adene Karhan
  • Walks in the wild – Lizzy Kuhlken
  • New pillows – Pamela Spicer
  • Massage – Deborah Elizabeth Lmt
  • Rent cabins/tents for the entire family – Bj Stevens
  • Send snail mail! – Anne-Marie Bailey
  • Yoga and naps in sunlight – Kelly Cooper
  • Waterfalls – Katie Beth Hostetter
  • Snuggling squirrels – Sarah Bella
  • Snuggling puppies – Pamela Spicer
  • Snuggling kittens – Heather Adair


  • “Take video of the most ordinary parts of your family life. (Those are what you will want to remember most.)” – Sheryl Logatto
  • “Eat calories that don’t count.” – Honour Ruffer
  • “Do more with less.” – Jack Lim-Kilburn
  • “Buy low. Sell high.” – John Norris
  • “Sleep.” – Gedy Leon


P.S. Thanks to Jonathan Stark for the inspiration for the question!