Indecent Exposure, Journaling vs. Blogging and Other Saturday PM Thoughts

Well, I’m really just writing this post to apologize to everyone for the state of disarray in my forums. I’m hacking punBB to pieces in the strong delusion hope that it will:

a) become a vibrant community of people discussing important things
b) bring back all the people who got bored with it and left
c) give me a chance to excercise my programming skills
d) match the rest of my site (Ecc. 1:14)

Also on the blogging front, I killed the comment spam (once and for all?) that was nearly driving me insane. No seriously, was getting hammered with about 200+ posted comments a day, and that’s with all of MT’s built in spam tools. The technique (which I discovered from Mike Industries) will actually work with any user input, it’s not proprietary to MT. I would share with you this wicked awesome technique, but then I’m afraid I’d have to kill you. If you’re ready to die anyhow, shoot me an email and I’ll detail this near-foolproof procedure.

I’ve got a few more serious things roiling around in my head, not the least of which is the distinction between journaling and blogging. I’m starting to think that blogging is more pretentious because it’s examined. For instance, Mel Gibson can lie in bed all he wants and curse Jews. But as soon as he shouts “f*****g Jew!” on videotape, his career goes down the tube. The journal doesn’t come with that pressure. It’s a proving ground for your thoughts, because it’s your secret. The blog is fast becoming a place where your thoughts need to already be thought out. The Internet community can be a harsh place where even normal people like you and I become tyrannical idealogues and TYPE IN ALL CAPS TO GET OUR POINTS ACROSS.

On a mostly unrelated tangent, am I the only one with severe pain in my shoulder, elbow and wrist from using the computer? I don’t know if it’s my mouse, my keyboard, my desk or my chair, but I am willing to shell out beacoup dollars to give my arm some rest. It’s gotten so bad that I sometimes wake myself up at night moving my arm the wrong way. One of these nights I’m going to pull an E.A. Poe and strangle myself with my dead arm.

Oh and my wife is sick. I think she’s either getting mono or the flu. I did everything to try to cheer her up, but she was so very out of it, completely not herself. We went to a car show, bought hot dogs, went shopping for curtains, cuddled, watched a movie, talked, and nothing seemed to bring her out of her daze. So we stopped fighting it and drugged her up with Nyquil. She’s sleeping peacefully now.

Nothing’s worse than a sick wife, not even a broken website. At least I know how to fix websites. *sigh*