Happy 200!


The last time I celebrated a milemarker post (100), PlasticMind was nothing more than junkmail with a brain in a jar. Things haven’t really changed much, except now instead of getting my insidious posts delivered to your inbox, you now have to visit plasticmind.com to find out why I sent you this babble in the first place.

But bigger things are in store. I’m working my proverbial head off trying to get PlasticMind cohesive. I’d like to get my blog, a web design center and my portfolio all working together to make things pretty and potent. Ideally, I’d like to get Plasticmind Design off the ground before I move to Philly. Which brings me to my next ‘happenings’ item.

Jess and I are very excited about getting married. After we get back from our Bermuda cruise, we’ll be living in Langhorne (suburb of Philly) while Jess finishes off her degree at Philadelphia Biblical University.

I’d like to get people’s input on the look of my new site. I’ll update this post in a day or so with snapshots of each design idea I’ve got and get a feel for what you all think. Ah… I’ve got to go. My chicken is burning!