Cue Intermission, Quick!

Things are awry here at PlasticMind!

First, I’ll begin with the obligatory gaudy “Under Construction” sign. Poor guy reminds me of the poopsmith. I almost can’t bear to put this up here. I don’t even want to look at my own blog anymore. But here goes nothing:

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bear to have that gaudy animated .gif on my site. I couldn’t take it any longer. sob Here, if you must… the link: Gaudy Under Construction Sign

For some unknown reason, when I first set up all of my various sites, I split them across two Movable Type installs. Of course, the new version of MT makes multiblog management a cinch; but not when you’re working on two different installs! So I managed to combine two installs (still all sorts of issues all over, check the site and you’ll see what I mean). Movable Type 4 is a dream to use, really it is. I’ve just got to do some serious clean up, so I trust you’ll pardon the mess? By the way, I’ve finally settled on a design and I’m building out across my entire PlasticMind network, so I promise your patience will be worth it!