31 Days of Making, Day 15: Handmade Family Signs

Now that Christmas is finally over, I can share something that Jessica and I made for some of our family members as a Christmas gift.

We cut 12″ rough cut pine planks about 60″ long and stained them with Minwax’s Classic Gray.  Then we printed out some large, 6″ wide letters (Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Extended) to use as lettering guides for painting their last names on the sign.  Creating crisp lines for the edges of the letters was challenging with paint, especially on the rougher boards.

I forgot to snap a photo of the finished sign, but there’s a photo below of a similar sign we made for our Thoughtful Gardner farmer’s market display that should give you some idea of what they looked like completed.

This is day 15 of my 31 days of making.

Thoughtful Gardner Farmer's Market Display