Using FireFox as a Dictionary

For months and months, I have been looking for an way to find the definition of a word without needing to clutter up my toolbar or break my streamlined surfing habits. Sure, I can type “definition:esplanade” in my Google search bar, but then I have to click on the underlined word to get the definition. That’s one too many clicks.

Enter FireFox smart keywords. I simply created a new bookmark:

Name: Dictionary
Keyword: d

FireFox will essentially take anything that appears after my keyword in the address bar and plugs it in where the %s is in the bookmark’s location. That means all I have to do now is type ‘d esplanade’ in my FireFox address bar and I’m served up the definition.

And that’s today’s geekery from your septentrional friend…

BONUS TIP: Add this bookmark to lookup either cities by zipcode or zipcodes by city. This allows you to type things like “z Crodyon, PA” or “z 19021” in the address bar and get the quick skinny:

Name: ZIP Info
Keyword: z