Southwestern Macbook

I didn’t take pictures, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

My wife and I were just sitting down to quesadillas and an episode of West Wing. We had just failed our first attempt to make cheese (who knew that too much heat during the curdling process would turn mozzarella into ricotta?) and we needed a break. I had just attached our new Macbook to the 22” widescreen monitor for an evening of watching television on the couch. I brought my plate in from the kitchen, and was just about to sit down when suddenly the ramekin full of chunky salsa begin to slide off my plate towards the monitor.

I learned to hackey-sack in college, which really helped train my reflexes. For instance, when I drop breakable items, I can usually stop them with my feet before they hit the ground. So when that salsa begin to slide, my immediate reaction was to whip the plate back towards me. Unfortunately, that just shot the ramekin into the air.

It moved in a slow arc, missing the large monitor, but heading salsa-side down towards my pearly-white Macbook just behind it.

Then, in a moment that can only be described in R-rated visuals, the red-chunk gore was splattered all over the keyboard.

We pulled off keys and dabbed with napkins, toothpicks and cotton swabs for hours.

More proof positive that I am supernaturally endowed.