Ooglegay Isthay!

So you’re bored by the dry-oatmeal taste of Google.com? Liven up Google with a bit of candy-coated weirdness:

Ewmew Fudd – Seawch the web, Wooney Toons styew.
Bork, bork, bork! – E’e leek to seerch-a… e’em feeleeng looky!
Igpay Atinlay – Isthay ouldway avehey enbay ugehay ackbay inay oolschay, ohnay?
H4x0r – 0||L`/ 7|-|3 L337 //|LL 637 7|-||$ ()||3.
Telekinetic Search – Search without clicking your mouse!
Tiny Search – For those who think the Google homepage is too cluttered.