Some of you may be familiar with this social browsing experience, but those of you who aren’t should really get on the bandwagon. You read the title right, that’s the domain name: — no www’s (so cliche!) just exactly as you read it there.

What is at it’s core is a bookmark storage site. But that’s just the core. You can set up bookmarklets on your toolbar for one click bookmarking and what I find most helpful is when you’re at the site bookmarking a page, you can store a site using any number of ‘tags’ (the days of deciding ONE category are over) which are suggested from your own tag collection and others who have bookmarked the same page. It’s called social browsing because not only do you bookmark your favorite sites, but you can then share them with the world and see who and how many links to the same pages you do. A great way to find out what the web is doing and discover similar pages that you may have missed.

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