Apple and the Impossible

Everyone was guessing about what Apple’s big announcement was this afternoon, and boy is it a shock! ipodvideo.jpg

With the release of the impossibly small iPod Nano just a few weeks ago, all of the geeks (including me) were saying it wasn’t going to be the rumored video iPod. Everyone’s hunch was a brand new iMac G5. Well, guess what boys and girls? They did both! macg5.jpg

In a bold, unexpected move, Apple has now introduced a brand new iPod that can store over 150 hours of video and they’ve launched iTunes 6 that allows you to purchase music videos, television programs and short films that you can either watch on your iPod (same size as always) or hook up to your television and watch. For instance, you can download iTunes 6 right now and for just $1.99 you can purchase the season premiere of Lost for only $1.99! Partner that with their brand new iMacG5 and a handy little program called FrontRow that turns your computer into the sleekest, easiest entertainment center this side of tomorrow–talk about a match made in heaven!

The only drawback is that the video is only 320×200, so even with a television hookup, quality is poor. But I would not be surprised at all to see this catch fire the way podcasts have. Major players like CNN, MSNBC, NPR and even the MLBPA have their own podcasts. Why? Because the overhead generally associated with broadcasting is completely removed, so everyone wants in. Now with the barriers virtually smashed for video broadcasting (enter video podcasters) the possibilities ae endless. Who wouldn’t pay $1.99 to watch their favorite show whenever and wherever they want? I’m currently downloading some Pixar animations for kicks and giggles.

Anyone else want a bite of Apple?