The Best Way Not To Prove Your Point

UPDATE 2: I guess this is turning into a series.

UPDATE: Well, it seems as though the Pope has recanted. At least now we don’t have to worry about seeing him on Al Jazeera with a scimitar at his throat.

Not to anyone’s surprise, the furor of most fundamentalist Muslims over the Pope’s remarks (or rather the Pope’s quoting another person’s remarks) regarding the violent nature of Islam continues to rage. After reading this story, I’m left wondering three things:


  1. Do the people in these pictures have jobs? How DO they find the time or the matches to spend all day burning American flags, Jewish flags, Danish cartoons and pictures of the pope (have I left anything out)? I suppose making American flags and lighter fluid is a lucrative business venture in the Middle East.

  2. Is the best way to prove you’re not driven by violence to burn effigies in the streets and scream at the top of your lungs with your fists held high? Nothing says “we’re a peacful bunch” like burst capillaries.

  3. How can followers of Muhammed deny the fact that their faith was built upon violence? Even their “praised one” Muhammed established a name for himself through plunder and violence. In fact, the Battle of Badr (Muhammed’s first great victory) is often pointed to as divine revelation that Muhammed was the “chosen one”. I love the fact that my Example gave His life for others.