Olympic Medal Updates

Olympic Medal Updates 2008

This past Monday I sat down at work not having seen any of the Olympic games over the weekend, so I really wanted to show my national pride and catch up on the excitement.

“I’ll just find some Twitter account following the winners.” I found a few Twitterers tweeting Olympic news, but I couldn’t find anyone just updating medal winners.

“Well, I’ll just grab a RSS feed of the medal winners,” thought I. Searched around for a while. Nothing. Seems as though neither the NBC Olympics site nor the official Beijing 2008 site had medal feeds. It was just a lot of clutter to wade through to find out the relevant information.

I had an itch that needed scratching, so I put together a script that grabs the newest medal updates from the Beijing 2008 site and serves them up as they happen—via Twitter, RSS, email or just on the page itself. Of course, I needed some help getting the code all the way there, so I handed over to my good friend Arvind to knock it out of the park.

You can find out a little more about our little project over at our Olympic Medal update home base. If you find it useful, help us spread the news by digging it.