Where Are The Miracles?

The Bible is rife with God’s supernatural intervention in our world, but lately the miracles seem few and far between. True, there were periods in Scripture when there were no miracles; but when God was on the move, He verified his work through miracles.

Moses, go tell Pharoah to let my people go, and here’s a sign… Joshua, I’m giving you Jericho, but you don’t have to do anything… Gideon, you’re going to fight this seemingly unbeatable army, and here’s a sign… Prophets, here’s a vision… Disciples, here’s a boatload of fish… Thomas, My hands, My feet…

I know about the verses that say faith is so much better, but why do you think God, who saw fit to punctuate His greatest plans with a supernatural action, has for the last thousand years left us dry? You can point to many things like healings or salvation, and while I do believe those are important actions by God, they are not things that can only be ascribed to God’s supernatural intervention. A healed lung may baffle scientists, but there are unsaved people who have their lungs healed. People are saved from sin, but I’ve met many a reformed unbeliever.

So in this age of science, where nearly every natural phenomenon is categorized and documented, doesn’t it seem like a supernatural display would be most effective now? Break the shell of science and demonstrate that everything you think you know doesn’t even scratch the surface of the Divine. Instead, we’ve seen just the opposite. God is strangely silent.

Why? Do you think we’ve become so jaded that any miracle, no matter how supernatural, wouldn’t faze us? Perhaps God is waiting for something, like the 400 year silence between old and new testament? Or maybe He’s just changed how He deals with man, and if that’s the case, why did miracles play such an important roll in ancient times only to be done away with now?

You know the skeptics say that science has killed the notion of God. Miracles, they assert, were not miracles, they were just undocumented natural phenomenon and we now know better. So where does that leave those who believe in miracles? Are we resigned to Mary appearing on a grilled cheese sandwich? Any non-materialists (or materialist) out there who would care to share their opinions on this one?