Engaging The Culture

These have been some busy days.

I trust you’ve gotten along fine without me. You know the drill: if I don’t show up after ten minutes just pass the sheet and sign your name. Then you can go. I know, I know. It’s bad form to let a commenter hijack a post and do nothing about it. But if a spammer comments and it’s somewhat relevant, is it still spam?

Speaking of relevance…

Here’s your truth nugget for the week. Fundamentalist separation is tantamount to liberal accomodation. While both have completely different motivations, both have the same net result: a world system left unchallenged. As salt and light we are called to shine forth Gods truth while holding fast to His Word. But Fundamentalists who stick their head in the sand are saying the same thing to unbelievers about the Bible that liberals who gut all meaning from Scripture are: it doesn’t apply to you. We would never say it with our lips, but when we fail to show the world that God’s truth is truth, we’re shouting it loud and clear. Instead, our churches affirm God’s truth a thousand times over to each other beneath the bushel, with hardly a whisper to a world that needs it most. (And the times we do step out, we’re reaching 2006 sinners with 1930’s methods.)

What’s the problem? Are we frightened of rejection? What makes us so hesitant to bring Biblical principles into our jobs, our friendships, our schools? If God’s Truth is genuine Truth, then we have nothing to be ashamed of.