A Taste of the Divine

“A day is as a thousand years with the Lord.”

We often look at this truth through only one end of the telescope. We view this truth as liberating to God. He is free from the constraints of time; therefore, the past, present and future are just as tangible for Him as this present moment is for us. A beautiful thought, to be sure. But the beauty lies not is chronological freedom alone; the very control of time itself proves the greater ability.

Have you ever experienced that one moment of bliss–a tender kiss, thunderous applause, enrapturing sunset–and found yourself wishing it could last forever? Our Father is able. Imagine that moment of total fulfillment stretched for years; and pure fulfillment. One plague of time is that dullness or complacency that grows with each passing moment. Even the most wonderful of flavors can make us ill; that tender kiss would grow painful over time.

But perfect contentment and fulfillment–that truest glimpse of heaven–would mean endless satisfaction and enjoyment. That is why finding beauty amidst banality is one of the most divine experiences a man can have.